Newsletter Services

Change of Email Address

It is not uncommon for us all to change email addresses from time to time, and then spend months asking people to use the new address. The easiest way to change address on a newsletter is to cancel your old subscription and sign up again with your new email address. Whenever you change your address, you will have to click on the verification link in an email we send you to confirm you own the new address.

Cancel the old address

If you know in advance that you are going to change email address, we really appreciate it if you can cancel your subscriptions to your old email address. We don't want to send unwanted newsletters to an old address, especially if that address is now being used by someone else.

If you have already lost access to your old email address and cannot cancel the newsletters yourself, please contact us explaining the situation and we will sort it out for you.

Subscribe your new address

Usually this just involves filling in the form again on the publisher's website. If the newsletter was by invitation only, let the publisher know and if you are still eligible, they will issue a new invite to you.