Newsletter Services

Complaints about spam

If you have received an email from us which you consider to be spam then we are very concerned. We only send out mail to people who have explicitly confirmed that they want to receive the newsletter, and we only send you those newsletters which you have specifically asked for. We are vehemently anti-spam.

Did the email really come from us?

Sadly it is all too easy to forge the sender's address on an email. All of our confirmation requests and newsletters have a similar layout and all are sent out using the mail server. We never send out advertising spam. If you have received mail which claims to come from us but which is advertising cheap loans, cheap pharmaceuticals, online gambling sites or porn then it is certainly not from us, and if it says it is from us then it is a forgery.

Have you recently acquired your email address?

We make every effort to only send mail to people who really want it, and who have confirmed that they want it. If you recently acquired the domain or email address then it is possible that the previous owners had subscribed to one of our newsletters. If that is the case, we apologise and can only say that we sent the mail in good faith. In these circumstances we would ask you please to click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and we promise you will be removed from our mailing lists with immediate effect. If the email does not have a working Unsubscribe link on the bottom then it is a forgery and was not sent by us.

Do you share your email address with someone else?

If the address is a generic address for your organisation such as sales@... or info@... then is it possible that someone else in your company or organisation subscribed to the newsletter? The link in the bottom of the email will let you check to see what name was given to us and will allow you to look at the history we have for your email address, showing when it was subscribed.

Is the email a request for confirmation of subscription?

Whenever someone tries to sign-up to receive one of our newsletters, we send them a confirmation email which contains a confirmation code. If you do not confirm you want to receive the newsletter, we promise we will not add you to the mailing list.

If you have received one of these confirmation requests and you did not instigate it then it means someone else has tried to add your email address to our newsletter service without your permission. This could be the result of a simple typo on their part, or it may have been a deliberate attempt by someone to sign you up for mailings you never asked for. The email you received tells you what IP number and ISP name was used by the person attempting to sign you up, and that may give you some clue as to the identity of the person concerned. You can safely ignore this email.

If unrequested sign-up is a persistent problem then please do contact us for assistance.

None of the above

If none of the above explains why you appear to have been spammed by us, please contact us and forward us a copy of the email you have received, complete with headers if possible. We will be very concerned to hear that someone has been added to our lists without their explicit permission and we will mount a thorough investigation to determine why it has happened and to remove you from any lists.

In any event...

In any event, feel free to contact us if you want further information or are in any way concerned about the mail you have received from us.