Newsletter Services

FAQ for Email Administrators

This FAQ answers most of the questions asked by mail administrators. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

How much mail should we expect to receive from you?

For each newsletter we indicate how often we expect it to be published, which might be daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. The newsletters are small and compact files. Any graphics in a newsletter are stored on our server, not attached to the mail. We normally send out the newsletters overnight (UK time) when server loads are at their lightest.

Our mail server uses greylisting to filter spam. Will that be a problem?

No. Provided your server is correctly configured, our mail server will handle the SMTP resending procedures required by greylisting and it should present no problems. However, you should remind your users that they will find they have to wait for an hour or more for confirmation request emails to arrive due to the delays imposed by your greylisting system. Please be patient and wait for the mails to arrive. Do not keep repeating the sign up process if the mail does not arrive immediately.

Our mail server uses Challenge Response to filter spam. will that be a problem?

Yes. Challenge Response spam filtering creates many problems for legitimate newsletters and if you use a Challenge Response system you will not be able to complete the subscription process.

We use a spam filtering package such as Spamassassin. Will that be a problem?

It is sometimes very difficult for legitimate newsletters to get past spam filters because we do mail them to a lot of people at one time. If several people in your organisation are subscribed to the same newsletter then your mail system may think the multiple copies of the mail are an indication that it is spam. In addition, some people forget they subscribed and report it as spam, whilst others decide they no longer want the newsletter, but instead of unsubscribing they also start reporting it as spam which can damage our reputation and lead to us being erroneously listed in anti-spam blocklists. We suggest that you whitelist our domain name to avoid it being erroneously blocked.

We block HTML mails for security reasons. Will that be a problem?

The initial mail to confirm sign up is always sent as plain text. For newsletters, we offer the subscriber a choice of HTML formatted email or plain text email. HTML is the default setting. If you prohibit HTML mails then you should instruct your users to switch to plain text format. However, we would like to point out that the HTML mails do not contain any javascript, tracking cookies etc, and are not excessively large. The HTML is used only for formatting the information and enhancing the readability of the document. Any graphics in the newsletter are held on our server, not embedded in the email.

Do you virus-scan the mails before sending them to us?

No. It is not necessary because the mails do not contain any active content or dangerous content. The software we use to publish the newsletters does not allow the editors to attach any files or create any interactive content.

How do I stop receiving newsletters from you for a former employee?

If you are able to access the incoming mails for the former employee then you will find a link at the bottom of each newsletter which allows you to change mail and subscription preferences. That link lets you unsubscribe them from all newsletters. If you cannot access their mailbox, please contact us and we'll sort it out for you.