Newsletter Services

FAQ for Newsletter Publishers

This FAQ answers most of the questions asked by newsletter publishers. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Do I need to install any software on my machine?

No. It is a web-based solution. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It doesn't matter whether you use a PC or a Mac, whether you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla or something else entirely. Because all the software runs on our server it means we keep it up to date and when we add enhancements, you get those updates automatically, at no extra cost to you. You don't even need ActiveX, Java, Javascript or Flash. If you want to include photos in your newsletters then you will need a camera or a scanner and some knowledge of how to crop, resize and retouch JPEG images.

Can I send my newsletter to everyone on your database?

No. We only send out newsletters to people who have confirmed that they wish to receive them. Even if they are already on our database for someone else's newsletter, we will not send them your newsletter unless they choose to sign up for it.

Will you email everyone on your database about my newsletter?

No. Our subscribers sign up to receive a specific newsletter, not to go on a general purpose mailing list about other newsletters and promotions. It is important to us that our subscribers know we will not misuse their email addresses.

I've bought a confirmed mailing list. Can you use that?

No. We cannot use any third party lists you supply because we have no way of knowing if the people on that list have confirmed their desire to be on the list. Unfortunately many people will sell you mailing lists claiming they are "confirmed opt in" but that is rarely true.

They are already my customers so I'm allowed to mail them by law.

That may be true, but if you wish to use our service to mail newsletters to them then they must give us explicit permission to do so. This means that they have to have completed our sign-up process so that they know they are getting a newsletter and know that they can unsubscribe at any time. We can help you invite people to sign up for your newsletter to make the switch over to our system as painless as possible.

They already receive my email newsletter. Do they need to resubscribe?

Yes, they do. We regret the inconvenience of this but we must be certain that the newsletters we send out are only sent to willing recipients and to the correct email address.

Can I have my newsletter sign-up form on my own site?

Yes, certainly. We can help you embed the sign-up form on your own site so that it can be customised to your own branding and presented to your own website visitors.

Can I send my newsletter as a PDF file or Word Document?

No. The newsletters use a well defined format designed to be small, compact, and convenient for all users. The user can choose between HTML-formatted newsletters or plain text newsletters. Other formats such as PDF and Word produce much larger files and would also require the user to have appropriate software on their PCs to read the files.

Can I send an attachment with the email?

No. You can only send mail in the prescribed newsletter format. If you need to make a file available to users we can put it on the website as an optional download.

Can I include photographs in my newsletter?

Yes, although the photos are actually stored on the server, not sent with every email. The photographs must be your property or you must have permission to use them. You must not use photographs which you have taken from other people's websites etc without permission. As the publisher of the newsletter, you will be liable for any legal claims arising from the copyright owners.

Can I include promotional offers and adverts in my newsletter?

We don't encourage it, but neither do we restrict you as to what you write about in your newsletters, (provided it is legal under UK law and not liable to cause offence). Remember though that your subscribers signed up for a newsletter. If you have too little news and too many promotional offers which are of no interest to your readers then they can unsubscribe from the mailing list with just a few clicks. Once a reader has unsubscribed it will be very hard for you to get them back again.